Planning ahead

We realize the importance and peace of mind that comes from planning ahead. The steps you take today alleviate the steps your family will need to take in the future. The ability to pre-plan and take the burden from your family is a great asset and help for their future decisions. We have many tools and resources to help in assisting you plan ahead, before the need is upon you.



One of the hardest things that we can do is to face our own mortality.  Yet every step that we take prior to death helps alleviate multiple steps that would be necessary at the time of death. 



Benefits of pre-arranging…


  • Taking burden off your family and friends.  When you wishes are recorded and made known it takes the burden of decision making off of your family at a time when other things are more important.  With decisions already made it leaves your family with the opportunity to grieve and be together as a family instead of trying to “guess” what you would have wanted.  Your pre-planning gives your family the ability to focus on what really matters.


  • Cost benefits.  Pre-arrangements can be made with or without pre-funding your final expenses.  If you decide to pre-fund your final expenses there are great cost saving benefits associated.  When pre-funded, many items are guaranteed making whatever price you paid locked in and no additional cost on those items will be incurred.  For items that cannot be guaranteed money can be placed into a contingency fund that will accrue interest and may be used on additional expenses.  While arrangements are made through the mortuary all monies are held by an insurance company so that your money is always safe.  


  • Medicaid/Medicare. If you are in need of a qualified plan that helps for any spend down to be eligible for any benefits we offer irrevocable policies.


  •  Peace of Mind.  There comes a peace of mind knowing that your affairs are in order.  Taking just a little time out of your afternoon can help bring a peace of mind knowing that your final wishes will be arranged.


Give your family the gift of peace of mind.  If you would like to receive complimentary resources, or schedule a no-obligation consultation please contact us for an appointment. 


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