Kristen Larson Griffiths

Kristen Larson Griffiths, age 44, passed away at her home in Elk Ridge, Utah, Tuesday, October 10, 2017 after a long, 21-month battle with inflammatory breast cancer. She was surrounded by her husband, family and the friends that loved her and cared for her during this most difficult chapter in her short, but beautiful life.  Kristen was born in Seattle, Washington on February 28, 1973 to Lyle and Rosellyn Larson, now of Windsor, Colorado.  She later lived in Kimberly, Idaho, Yuma, Arizona, and Morrison, Colorado, and finally in Elk Ridge, Utah, where she lived happily for the past 20 years.  Besides her parents, she is survived by seven brothers and sisters; Brian (Tiffany) Parker, CO, Robert (Karen) Katonah, NY, Terilyn Fort Collins, CO, Jason (Becca) Bristow, VA, Loriann (Delwyn) Driggs, ID, Kevin (Tara) Parker, CO. She was preceded in death by her older brother David. Kristen married Michael A. Griffiths, May 2nd, 1998 in Las Vegas, NV.

Kristen graduated from Bear Creek High School, in Morrison, and later went on to attend Colorado State University, Ricks College and eventually received her Bachelor of Science degree in Communications in 2012 from the University of Phoenix. She was employed by Xactware in Lehi, UT, as a Senior Graphics Designer and Assistant Art Director, where she enjoyed the culmination of her incredible career in art and design.  She loved her work, as well as the associates and friends she developed during her four-year employment there.  Kristen received American Graphic Design Awards twelve times during her illustrious career.

Kristen loved to travel and was always planning her next trip. She and her husband, Mike, and often times her sisters and best friends traveled to many, different countries around the world and to places around the United States. Among her favorite, recent trips included a tour of Prince Edward Island, where she and her sisters and best friends visited the locations of Anne of Green Gables, one of her favorite books and movies.  Her most recent trip abroad was to Ireland with Mike and her brother and sister-in-law.  Closely associated with her love of travel was her photography, which resulted in stunning pictures of seascapes, mountainsides, flowers, whales, giant Redwoods, Baxter and especially her love of early-history buildings and monuments.

Kristen also loved the outdoors, where she spent many hours walking with her husband and with her little Miniature Schnauzer, Baxter. She was also an avid bicyclist and kayaker.

Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of all in her life was the people that loved her. It was so heartwarming to see the steady stream of people that came to see her during the final few months of her courageous battle, when she was homebound.  Her friends and associates referred to her as “Wonder Woman” as she continued to work through the pain of cancer to do her work and to be with her husband, family and friends with never a complaint of the awful pain and anxiety she was experiencing.  Many referred to her as their best friend…including her husband, Mike.

Finally, just as she requested, she wanted her friends and family to gather at her home to share memories of the happier times, the incredible accomplishments in her life, her uncanny ability to see humor in just about everything, including her fight with cancer and the debilitating side-effects it caused, and most importantly, of the love she brought to so many.  That gathering is planned for Saturday, October 21st.  Friends and family may visit between the hours of 4:00 and 6:00 PM at her home; 11321 South Loafer Canyon Road, Elk Ridge, UT.

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18 Memories

  1. Rob Kirby

    I’ve known and worked with Kristen for well over a decade. After working with her at logoworks, I hired her at OrangeSoda. She was more than dependable, and she wanted to become a better designer and Art Director. After leaving OrangeSoda I once again hired Kristen to work with me at Xactware. I never had to worry if she would get the job done. But she was also my friend. In my last text with her she said, ” Just know that I appreciate all you’ve done for me and my career. But most of all, thank you for being my friend.”

    Spending as much time together at work as we did over the years, you really get to know someone. Kristen helped me to see my weaknesses, and made me a better person and designer because of it. I never really felt like her boss. I felt like we were co-workers. She was like a sister to me. She has been in my thoughts and prayers the past 21 months …everyday.

    The most fun memories I have of her are from Halloween time each year. She was always creative in how she dressed for Halloween. But the highlight for me was painting a portrait of her as Wonder Woman as a gift for Mike on their anniversary. How profound that she be painted as Wonder Woman. Only for all of us to see that she truly was Wonder Woman in the way she lived her life, and how she was a friend to others. Never complaining, always improving as a human, Kristen has helped me to be a better human as well.

    She always organized our designer lunches …who’s gonna do that now? All I know is she will be with us in spirit. My heartfelt condolences to Mike. May he be comforted at this tough time.

  2. Rob Owen

    Glad to have Kristen as a co-worker. Her sense of humor and upbeat attitude were always refreshing. It was fun talking about movies with her as well and gaining her insights. She will be missed and always remembered by our team at Xactware.

  3. So sorry to hear about Kristen.

  4. Lyle & Rosellyn, so sorry to hear about Kristen. My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family.

  5. Jeff Kent

    So sorry to hear about Kristens passing. All of the Larson family is greatly loved in Morrison Colorado!

  6. Dustin Barrington

    It was an absolute pleasure working with Kristen at Xactware and she’ll be sorely missed for much more than her amazing work ethic and talented abilities, but her positive attitude and friendship. Kristen had a natural gift for writing, and her periodic updates as she battled cancer were so often upbeat and hopeful – traits that she maintained throughout all the many struggles and pain she endured – that it gave us all the courage and hope to face adversities in life. And for that example, I’ll be eternally grateful. All the best to Mike and family, our thoughts and prayers stay with you.

  7. Craig and Mary K Johnson

    Sorry to hear of your loss. She will be missed.

  8. Elizabeth

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I never had the privilege of meeting Kristen, but it sounds like she was a wonderful woman who left many wonderful memories for you to look back on. May these memories and the hope of a future resurrection bring you comfort and hope as you begin to heal. (Acts 24:15; Revelation 21:4) My deepest condolences to Kristen’s family and friends.

  9. The marketing team at Xactware had the pleasure of getting updates from Kristen as she waged this fight. Those messages were honest and frank, and full of humor and wisdom and encouragement, that were highly valued here. We got the last one only eight days before she passed away. Earlier this summer, one of those messages described a new treatment that included a new regimen of chemo, radiation twice a day, plus several new battles with pain and discomfort. After reading it, I was a bit horrified about all the things we had on her list of work. I sent her a message suggesting we move a few things. This was her reply: “Thanks Ken! No need to take anything off my list, its totally doable.” And that was Kristen. It was totally doable for her, and she did it. No complaints.

    It took us a while for it to totally sink in that she had lost most of the use of her right arm, and was doing her work left-handed. When I realized this, I filtered our project management list on Kristen and took a look at projects she had recently finished and was working on. It was more than a complete list of high quality work for a top designer. It’s literally true that Kristen was one of the best designers in the world with her right arm tied behind her back.

    But she was an even better person. She was always positive and upbeat and willing to take on challenges. Her humor was a delight, but it also often made wise and insightful points. She will be missed here more than we can say.

  10. Marilee and Robert Hendricks

    It is so hard to express the deepest of love and feelings for such a wonderful, special, talented lady. Our family has known Kristen since she was about 11 or 12. She has been a very, very, special, eternal friend with our daughter. They have been through a lot of years together and as far as I know were always extremely close, more like a sister and a friend. Kristen is an amazing person, so beautiful, sweet, kind, loving and such had a loving heart to all she met. She will be sorely missed by all. We are so sorry for your loss Mike and to the Larsen family. But we feel she is free of pain and in a wonderful place. Our prayers are with all of you everyday. Our love and prayers to all of you at this time.

  11. Jared Davis

    I remember years ago Kristen and Mike came rolling into the yard (Judy’s house) on their 4 wheeler with a milk crate attached to it. The two of them had their dogs in the crate and were out taking their dogs for a ride.

    She always had a smile. She’ll be missed. Sorry for your loss Mike.

  12. Mark Cope

    Kristen will be sorely missed by all who knew here, but most of all by her loving husband and my friend Mike. Words cannot express how much he loved Kristen for she truly was his best friend. My prayers go out to Mike and the family as this is such a tough loss. We at Xactware have lost a member of our family and are humbled that Wonder Woman worked among us!

  13. What an amazing Wonder Woman. I have so many good memories with Kristen. I feel so blessed to have known her. I can’t believe how hard she fought and positive she stayed through this cancer battle. She could cry with you about your problems and laugh at hers. She always had a positive attitude about life, no matter what she was facing. She would just start laughing and tell you “oh, I have to tell you the funniest thing that happened” What a doll !
    I will miss you forever.
    Thanks be to God I will see you again.

  14. Lisa Trujillo

    Dear Mike my friend, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how much Kristen meant to you and the love you shared with her. Take some comfort in the fact that she is free from the pain that horrible disease caused her. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all her loved ones.

  15. Heidi Browning

    It is hard to believe we met almost 30 yrs ago – though we didn’t see you often, it was just like old times Each time we did meet up!! Such a beautiful woman & friend you have been all these years. May you find peace as you wonder in heaven. Until we meet again Wonder Woman – love you 💕💕

  16. Rosie Skinner

    I will always remember Kristen for her incredible wit and her amazing talent in design. Before and during her battle with cancer, she always had a hilarious perspective on life, work, challenges and the every day. We are so lucky to have had Wonder Woman with us here at Xactware for all these years. We sure love and miss her. I feel blessed and honored to have known Kristen. She will be missed dearly.

  17. Karie Green

    What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady. I met her several times when she came in the office and she truly made you feel as if we had been friends for a long time. Take care Mike, and God bless.

  18. Carla Nelson

    Wonder Woman. I will never forget your smile and laugh. You were always so kind and so much fun to be around. You can continue to explore. Life was so short on this Earth, but one day we will all be reunited. Love you!♥️