At the time of need

Every life has memory and meaning.  When death occurs there can be many questions, and the many tasks that are necessary can become very overwhelming.  Our family and staff pledge to help and assist in any way possible to help alleviate as much of the burden as possible.  You can feel comfort in knowing that Walker Funeral Home is there for you and will help guide you every step of the way.  The knowledge of having a compassionate, friendly, and knowledgeable funeral director who can help guide through the many choices and options can be a great comfort to your family.


We have put together a list of steps, information and resources that can help you  step-by-step in starting to make the arrangements with one of our funeral directors.  Throughout the arrangement process our funeral directors will be able to help guide you while tailoring your decisions to help make final arrangements for your loved one.

Contact Our Funeral Home

When death occurs please feel free to call us no matter what the time or circumstance may be.  With two convenient locations to serve you can call either one of our locations.


587 South 100 West

Payson, Utah 84651


fax: 801-465-2507





Spanish Fork

187 South Main

Spanish Fork, Utah 84660


fax: 801-798-0733









When you call we will need some basic information to help serve you.

Name of Deceased

Location – Where your loved one will need to be transported from.

Immediate Contact information – A contact (preferably a cell phone) where we can contact someone with any questions.

Next of Kin – Information so we can know who is the next of kin and contact information.


Other helpful information when calling:

Is deceased ready for release? We understand and realize that there may be many family and friends trying to come together at the time of death.  Let us know when you are ready so we can be there in a timely manner to help assist your family.

 ** A note concerning release time.  If your family is planning on embalming or any type of viewing, we have much better results when the time of death and time when we are able to transport and start the preparation work are much closer.  After someone passes away their body can start to deteriorate immediately (even if results are not visibly seen).

Direction the family wants us to take regarding the preparation of the deceased. Would you like us to embalm or are there other directions regarding our preparation work.

Name of the Doctor who will be signing the death certificate.

Date of Birth.

Time of Death.

Are there any factors our funeral directors should be aware of.

i.e.- Obstacles (stairs or narrow hallways) to be considered.  Weight, Diseases or any other factors to be aware of?



Contacting Others

There are many who may need to be involved in being contacted after a death.


A-     Contact any family or friends who need to know.

When contacting it may be a good idea have them help in calling others.

It may also be a good idea to gather email addresses (if you don’t already have them) to help forward a link of the obituary and funeral service time.  You may want to consider utilizing social media such as facebook in notifying others.  We have several resourses availiable to assist you if you desire.


B-      Contact your spiritual leader. 

Your spiritual leader can help give great comfort and advice at a time when needed most.  Often times it is good to coordinate together with family, clergy and the funeral home when services times will be best.  Your spiritual leader may also want to later be involved in planning a program.


C-      Obituaries

Obituaries are often a public way of contacting others.  From online information to the printed press there are a multitude of options to help inform others regarding your loved ones death.  We are here to help assist in any way possible.

For an example of information that is typical in an obituary please click the pdf link.

This link can give helpful topics and a good place to get started whether you are writing your own obituary or would like one of our staff to help you write it.

PDF Obituary Info




Gather Information

Once the family and the funeral director are able to set up a time to get together to make arrangements there is some information that will become necessary.

a-      Death Certificate information

Walker Mortuary will help to secure your death certificate.  Vital statistic information will be entered, delivered to the Physician, then issued by the State.  The only thing that will be necessary from the family is gathering the information necessary.  For a list of necessary information for the death certificate and other necessary arrangment info please click on the PDF Link.  PDF Death Certificate Info & Arrangment Form



b-      Obituary information

Whether your family decides to write the obituary, or would like help from one of our experienced staff member we are happy to help in any way with an obituary.  As a resource you can use our helpful guide in gathering information for an obituary.   This can be utilized by our staff to help write something up, or may be a good starting place if your family wants to have topics for the obituary.  For an example of useful information to include in your obituary please click on the PDF Link.  PDF Obituary Worksheet



c-       Program information

Whether your family is planning a funeral, memorial service, graveside or otherwise you may want to have a program.   We offer many various ideas and options in printing programs.  If your service is in a church then your spiritual leader traditionally likes to be involved.  For an examle of program information please click on the PDF link. PDF Program Sample



d-      Photos

Reasons you may need photo(s)

1-      Obituary  

    If you are planning on an obituary it is often helpful to find a photo that you would like posted.

2-      Program

 Depending on the type of program you choose you may need a few different photos.  Traditional programs often utilize one photo.  Newer programs give us the option of utilizing several photos on a program.

3-      Video Slideshow

 Your family may want to gather photos for a video slideshow.  Here at Walker Mortuary we offer a complimentary DVD slideshow if your family chooses to have us assist with it.  Our limitations are that we can typically only accept about 25-30 photos and one song (as background music).  If you would like us to put together this complimentary 25-30 picture slideshow for you we would be happy to.  Of course your family is always welcome to make your own as well.  Please click below to view a sample video.

 4-      Display table

 If your family decides to have any type of gathering you may decided to have some sort of display table.  You may need to gather photos and other memorabilia for such tables if you wish to do this.  Keep in mind different churches may have some accessibility limitations when gather items.

The Arrangement Conference

Once an appointment is made with one of our Funeral Directors we will help discuss each item and gather all appropriate information that may be necessary in the coming days.

Our skilled and licensed funeral directors have many resources and can help with a variety of arrangements including diverse burial  or cremations options, coordinating funeral options of many different faiths,  and helping customize services and choices to any wishes your family may have.

During the arrangement process we will present and discuss various service options.  We will help collect any gathered information and go through all necessary arrangements.


Note :  If you are unavailable to come in we are happy to come to you.  We can also offer some online solutions if you distance or circumstances may not allow a face to face arrangement conference.